Food Grievance or Complaint to FSSAI

Food Grievance or Complaint to FSSAI
04 March 2022

Food Grievance or Complaint to FSSAI

Procedure to file a Complaint/Grievance with Food Safety and Standard Authority of India (FSSAI)

Food Safety and Standard Authority of India (FSSAI) is a regulating Authority formed under Food Safety and Standard Act, 2006 to ensure Food Safety and Hygiene across nation India as well as is liable to set Standards of Food Articles available for Manufacturing, Processing, Storing, Transporting, Catering and at last consumption by the final consumer.

As per the FSSAI Rules and Regulations made under the Food Safety and Standard Act, 2006, every Food Business Operator requires a Registration/License before commencing its Food Business and also to follow some compliance of Registration/License apart from the Safety and Standard Compliances.
Now, getting the Registration/License from the FSSAI is not a difficult task, the task is to maintain the safety and hygiene of Food along with the Standards of Food set by the FSSAI.

What to do if you’ve found that the Safety and Hygiene or Standards of Food is not taken proper care of by the Food Business Operator (FBO)?

It is quite shocking when someone trust the Food Business Operators to serve them the Food which is safe for their consumption but, then they found something in the Food that may cause them some serious health problems. It is the primary responsibility of FBOs to provide a healthy and standardized food to consumers.

At the very first, when such thing happen to anyone, then that person is open to contact the Food Safety Officer at the Food Business premises as well as the nearby Food Inspection officer appointed by state under FSSAI.

The other and easy way to reach out to FSSAI is, where you can find a tab at the middle top by the name of “Grievance”. When you click on “Grievance” it will take you to an external website

Step-1: In the middle of the page, to the extreme left go to Consumer Register/ Login portal where you have to register yourself if you are a new user. Then fill your Mobile No/ Email for registration.

Step-2: After Registration Login to your portal and a dashboard will open with the options in the left.

Step-3: Go to “Register a new complaint” option.

Step-4: Select the category in which you find suitable with your grievance to register your complaint. Then Select Sub-category under the category you have chosen.

Step-5: Then you have to fill the form with description of documents that you wish to attach with the complaint. After filling the complete form you have to submit the form.

In the end, your complaint will first be sent to Food Business Operator (FBO). If it gets resolved then your complaint will be closed, else it’ll be forwarded to State Food Inspector and then after to FSSAI inspector.

Later, your complaint will be closed by the FSSAI and it’ll be notified to you through SMS. Wherein, you can fill that are you satisfied with the resolution or not. It can be reopened if not satisfied.