Refund & Cancellation

  • a) Cancellation and Deleting the Account of the User
    • i) The subscription to ComplyBook will continue until terminated or expired. The user may seek cancellation at any time and the user shall have the access through the end of the billing period.

    • ii) The Service provider shall delete the account of the user on request, however, a database of the basic information of the said user shall be maintained in the servers of the Service Provider for security and billing.

    • iii) The Service Provider also may terminate the subscription and/or account of the user at any time, in part or in full, with or without notice, if the conduct of the user is in breach of the terms of service; if the Service Provider has reasonable apprehension that the conduct of the said user may harm the service provider, its affiliates and/or any third party and/or the public at large; if the acts of the user in any way are illegal and contrary to the law or by the orders of the court of law.
  • b) Refund Policy
    The users of the Subscription plan of 12 months will have the option to cancel their Subscription plan. Refund amount will be granted on pro rate basis for unexpired months and unused credits & meets after the necessary adjustment for taxes, if required. Cancellation request will take effect from the last day of the month in which the plan has been withdrawn. The refund shall be processed within 2 weeks from the successful completion of cancellation formalities, however, the service provider shall approach the said user for feedback and to resolve any dispute or issue/concern resulting in the cancellation request.

  • c) Illustrations of refund cases

    If subscription plan for 12 months commenced from 15.07.2019 to 14.07.2020 and the request for cancellation has been made on 10thof November 2019. On bare perusal it is clear that the user has completed 4 months, however, if the cancellation request would have been made done on or after 15th November, 2019 and on or before 14th December, 2019, then it would have been treated as 5 months of subscription.

    Provided that for calculation of refund, the Service Provider considers Phone Consultation @Rs.100/- per Consultation (Rupees One Hundred Only) and Expert Meet @Rs.500/- per Meet (Rupees Five Hundred Only).

    The subscription amount for the following cases is Rs. 12,000/-, wherein the limit of phone consultation credits allowed are 5 per month out of total 60 credits and the number of expert meet is 1 per month out of 12 meets.

    S.No. Total phone
    credit used
    (Excess Usage)
    Total expert
    meet used
    ( excess usage)
    adjusted for
    Amount adjusted
    for excess of usage
    (Rs. 100 per phone;
    Rs. 500 per meet)
    Case 1 25 (0) 5 (0) Rs. 5000/- 0 Rs. 7000/
    Case 2 30 (5) 5 excess 8 (3) 3 excess Rs. 5000/- 5*Rs.100/- =Rs.500/-
    Rs. 4000/
    Case 3 20 (0) 3 (0) Rs. 5000/- 0 Rs. 7000/

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