Manual on Antibiotics and Hormones Residues

Manual on Antibiotics and Hormones Residues
03 February 2022

Manual on Antibiotics and Hormones Residues


If food-producing animals are treated with antibiotics, hormones or anabolics, drug residues are left in the animal's flesh and milk. These residues could be a reason of major health risks to consumers."Residues are the remnants of deliberately used materials during food production." These include animal drugs and pesticides. To protect consumers, high residual restrictions and monitoring systems have been established in many countries.

Our product portfolio includes a variety of testing programs, such as enzyme immunoassays (ELISAs), antimicrobial testing and immune suppression columns to detect hormones, anabolics, antibiotics and other drug residues in various matrices.


Antibiotics are naturally made up of metabolites found in fungi or bacteria. Organic matter produced by modern biotechnology and chemical compounds is called antibiotics. Antibiotics can kill microorganisms or stop them from growing. In both human and animal medicine, antibiotics are used as drugs to treat bacterial infections.


Residues of hormones and steroids in foods such as meat or milk pose a potential health risk to consumers. Hormones are biochemical endogenous agents that are transported through the bloodstream to their target organs. In addition to natural sex hormones, synthetic steroids and beta-agonists can be used in animal husbandry to improve weight gain and meat / fat ratio.

Safety requirements while handling Antibiotics and Hormones

Whenever applicable protective equipments like protective clothing, eyewear, and gloves must be used as per the requirement.
Below given table shows the Hazards and the recommended safe procedures.

Various types of residues given under the manual on antibiotics and hormones residue: 

1. Determination of Chloramphenicol

2. Determination of Nitrofuran metabolites

3. Determination of Tetracyclines

4. Determination of Sulphonamides

5. Determination of Quinolones

6. Determination of Nitroimidazoles

The presence of Antibiotics and Hormone Residues may lead to allergies, which are suspected to be the case carcinogens, mutagens or can lead to the emergence of resistant strains of bacteria. As a result, National food safety authorities and regulatory authorities have banned the use / strict enforcement regulated its use in animal labor or the prescribed legal directive to ensure the proper use of these veterinary drugs, pharmaceutical products and pharmaceutical substances.