09 February 2022



The main objective of FSSAI is to ensure that
the food that is being consumed by the people is safe and standardized which
means that end consumers are the main focus of making all these regulations
rules and act and the complete mechanism of Food Safety and Standard authority
of India, there are chances that despite of taking all the safety measures,
consumer might have some issues or complaints about the food products that
needs to be redressed by that respective Food Business Operator and FSSAI.

Need for Consumer Grievance Redressal Mechanism

To resolve consumer grievance as quickly as
possible in an unbiased and equitable manner, it enhances the level of consumer
satisfaction. It is important to educate consumers about their rights and
responsibilities to safe and standardized food. Redressal mechanism should be
efficient enough that the consumers are responded in a respectable manner with
courtesy and within a legitimate time limit and find the particular root cause
of the complaint and rectify the problem and improve the quality accordingly
and ensure safety of the food.

Initiatives for Complaint Redressal Mechanism

Government of India has established several
bodies, launched schemes, and built workspace to solve the queries as
efficiently as possible. The grievances can be submitted through any means are
registered through various channels or an online portal of FSSAI and the
problem is forwarded to the state regulators and Food Business Operators, below
are the details of these interfaces:

Citizen Connect: f s s a i initiated citizen connect to develop a
credible and reliable information and feedback mechanism across India to create
a responsive communication system and to bring each citizen on board so that
they can share their concerns their complaints food safety violations. under
this initiative SSA I allowed citizens to raise their issues through following

Email- compliance@fssai.gov.in

WhatsApp- 9868686868

Facebook page- FSSAI

Twitter- @FSSAIIndia

concerned web-portal

SMS toll free number- 1800112100

letters on the official address- FDA Bhawan, Kotla Road, New
Delhi-110002 or

walk in- FDA Bhawan, Kotla Road, New Delhi-110002

Food safety Connect: Food Safety Connect is an online portal as well as a
consumer centric app launched by FSSAI that provides a platform for all the
consumers where they can raise their issues related to food safety standard and

Food smart Consumer website: FSSAI carries a holistic approach to help
the consumers through Food Smart Consumer, it is an informed, Proactive, alert
and persuasive as it provides the required information through its online
portal and also provides them platform to raise their grievances.

GAMA Portal: Grievances against misleading advertisement (GAMA) is a web
portal that has been launched by Department of Consumer Affairs under this
portal the advertisement those are misleading related to food and beverages are
forwarded to FSSAI through this portal and The Food Safety and Standard
Authority Of India wood comprehensively monitor cases of misleading
advertisement in India.

CPGRAM Portal: Central public grievance redress and monitoring system
(CPGRAM) Portal aims at providing the citizens a reliable platform for redressing
their grievances, the department of Administrative Reforms and public
grievances as an agency that formulates policies guidelines for citizens.